April’s Featured Program: Morning Glory PS After School Program

The After School Program at Morning Glory Public School runs Mondays to Fridays right after the school bell rings out for the day, until 5:15 pm.  Like our other after school programs, there is time for home work help, relaxing while playing board games or building with lego and doing some cool crafts or colouring before it is time for a healthy snack and outside or gym time.  In March and April staff and participants were busy doing these things:

We love to read at Morning Glory!

Reading Books 2 March 2015 Reading Books 4 March 2015 Reading Books 5 March 2015 Reading Books 6 March 2015 Reading Books March 2015 Bookworm March 2015

We played checkers, played circle games, practiced cursive writing, did a lot of drawing and enjoyed finger puppets.

Checkers April 2015 Circle Game April 2015 Cursive Writing April 2015 Drawing April 2015 Finger Puppets April 2015

Here is a cool craft we made – a “stained glass” lantern:

Craft April 2015 3Craft Making April 2015Craft April 2015 2Craft April 2015We also played Uno, with cars & planes and built lego.

Playing Uno April 2015 Playing with Cars and Planes April 2015 Playing with Lego April 2015

When we do all these things we get very hungry and it is nice to have a yummy snack!

Snack March 2015During the Unplug and Play week we went outside and played and had some cool races.

Unplug & Play Outside Mar 2015 Unplug & Play Outside Mar 2015 2 Action Relay Race Mar 2015 2 Action Relay Race Mar 2015The Morning Glory After School Program is a great place to be at and we would like to thank the staff there who let have our own classroom.  Here we can display our artwork and keep all our equipment and supplies and just “hang out”.

If you would like to join our after school program or knows someone who would like to, please register on our website https://jerichoyouthservices.recdesk.com if it is full, please put your name on the wait list. Oh, and did we mention that our staff is awesome and the program is completely free thanks to funding from United Way of York Region and the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture?!