A Brand New Beginning

We love after school programs

This is a very special week for us here at Jericho; the start of our regular programs for the year.  For the past month or so we have been very busy, finishing off another successful season of Summer Camps at three locations to best serve our community and completed planning for our upcoming “fall premiere”.  We have hired some new, awesome staff, who are eager to get to work.  We have trained new and existing staff, had fun at our Fall Family Fun Day, squeezed in a pre-teen dance at the Ice Palace and purchased supplies and snack for our cool after school programs.

Why do we think our after school programs are important?  We know how busy families are today with many activities to go to after supper and we are here to help with homework.  We offer structured and free play time; lots of gym activities and crafts.


According to 2012 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card 46% of Canadian kids get 3 hours or less active play per week and that includes weekends.  63% Of Canadian kids’ free time after school and on weekends is spent being sedentary.  How would not want to do fun stuff with their friends?  92% of Canadian kids said they would choose playing with friends over watching TV!


We also serve healthy snacks for hungry stomachs!

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So if you have not yet done so, sign up for one or more of our free programs at https://jerichoyouthservices.recdesk.com and stay active!

Another Fun Experiment

The Deer Park After School Program was at it again with another science experiment! This time we explored gas with balloons. In this activity we blew up balloons without using our mouths! Instead we used vinegar and baking soda! 

When we used the baking soda and the vinegar it created an acid-base reaction. When combined/mixed they create a gas – carbon dioxide. Gasses need room to spread, so the carbon dioxide fills the bottle and then moves into the balloon inflating it! Want to make this experiment at home? Here’s how… 

What You Need:

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • plastic bottle(s)
  • balloon
  • funnels (we used 2)


What To Do:

  1. Using your funnel pour vinegar into your bottle. You only need to fill about 1/3 of the bottle


2.  Using another (dry) funnel pour baking soda into your balloon. Fill the balloon approx. 1/2 way.



 3.  Cover the top of the bottle with you balloon.

*Make sure you don’t let the baking soda spill into the bottle prematurely.*

4. When ready, lift your balloon and let the baking soda fall into the vinegar.

5. Watch as the mixture fizzes, bubbles & expands your balloon!


Deer Park After School Program

Today we have a guest blogger; Kelsey Nicholls, Supervisor at the Deer Park After School Program:

At the Jericho After School Program located at Deer Park we value Jericho’s Mission Statement and stay true to it. The children and staff enjoy the enthusiastic company and engage in meaningful conversations as well as exciting activities. 

            In a recent gym activity, the program participated in a fort challenge which ultimately was a team building exercise. It involved cooperation, valuing each other’s ideas, sharing and safety. The materials included gym mats, 3 chairs for each team, and sheets. The participants were divided into two teams and were given 20 minutes to create the best fort to their ability. The only rule was that it had to include one room!


After both teams finished they were invited to enjoy one another’s forts. This then extended into one big fort in the middle of the gym where the children were put to the test. They all had to work together in a set time limit to create the best fort they could including multiple rooms. Again the children came out on top as they created a fort with multiple rooms and had it last for more than 2 minutes before the walls fell over! All and all it was a total success!



On another date we recently did a science experiment and created a cloud! It started with one participant and quickly turned into multiple participants! All we needed was a jar, boiling water, ice and hairspray. Previously we had created ice decorations, which came in handy since we had left over ones.

Here’s how we created it: 

With an adult, boil the kettle. Pour about 2cm of boiled water into a heat proof jar. Carefully swirl the hot water in the jar so that it heats up the sides of the jar. Then Turn the lid of the jar upside down and use it as a small container to put a few cubes of ice into. Rest it on top of the jar for a few seconds.


This is where we put our ice decorations since they fit so perfectly. Take off the lid and quickly squirt in some hairspray. Put the lid, with the ice resting in it, back on top of the jar.

Watch the cloud form inside the jar.


When it is fully formed, take the lid off and watch the cloud escape.  From this activity the children were given the chance to learn
multiple science facts.


They learned that in the atmosphere there needs to be three things in order to create a cloud: 

1. warm, moist air

2. cooling

3. cloud condensation

The science experiment worked out so well, the children of Deer Park After School Program will revisit the experience. 


Kelsey Nicholls, Supervisor






































Summer Camp

What a summer!  Our Day Campers have had three different locations to choose between this year – Jersey Public School in Keswick, Sutton Public School in Sutton and Morning Glory Public School in Pefferlaw.  Each camp has been tailored to fit the needs of their particular community and then we have joined all camps for a weekly trip day.

We went to Sibbald’s Provincial Park and Kortright Centre for outdoor and nature geared activities. Sibbald's Point

Kortright Centre

We watched Despicable Me 2Despicable Me 2 and Smurfs 2Smurfs 2 at the awesome GEM Theatre in Keswick and visited the fabulous splash pad and playground at WJ Watson Park.

We became scientists at Ontario Science Centre Ontario Science Centreand followed the history of Video Games.

We went back in time at Black Creek Pioneer Village


and visited animals at Peterborough’s Riverview Park and Zoo and Elmvale Jungle Zoo in Barrie.Elmvale Junge ZooLast but not least, we had an amazing beach day at our own De La Salle Beach in Jackson’s Point (Thank you weather god’s!).photo 88 photo 122We would like to thank our wonderful camp staff and volunteers for your great work in leading, guiding and interacting with the campers.  You made 2013 incredibly successful with so many participants asking their parents/guardians to come back for another week because they were having so much fun!

Tim Hortons Camp

On Friday, February 22, 2013, 40 energetic youth and 6 staff from Jericho left Sutton to spend two days and two nights at the Tim Hortons Camp in Parry Sound.



Parry Sound, here we come!


We had a full Agenda of Activities



Snow Tubing


Snow Shoeing


Skating on the lake


Freshly made snow cones!


Our great staff!


The weather forecast

After all the outdoor activities it was time for food, glorious food




Main Course




Indoor fun making masks


Colouring by the fireplace

Thank you Tim Hortons for a wonderful stay, when can we come back?




Free Movie Night at the GEM Theatre

Last night 150 people came out to watch the movie “Bully” at the GEM Theatre in Keswick. This was a free event organized by the GEM Theatre, Jericho, York Regional Police and Martina; a mother from Fairwood Public School, whose son has been bullied for four years. A counselor from Family Services was also on hand for the discussion after the movie.

Susan Gorman, Managing Director of Jericho, spoke about the responsibility parents, guardians and grandparents have to keep fighting for a bully free environment for our children. Let’s keep the dialogue open and educate ourselves about how we can help to prevent and eliminate bullying.
Susan, Martina & RJ

Susan, Martina & RJ introducing the movie.

Megan & Meredith

Megan & Meredith handing out free tickets for the movie.